Nestled in a quiet Balmain street, Lady Luxe Beauty offers a full spectrum of beauty services that will leave you buffed, glossed and ready to tackle the world once again. Their menu of facials is what’s really got us excited though, since words like collagen induction therapy, dermabrasion and micro-oxygen are thrown around liberally.

If you really want to treat yourself though, skip straight to the luxe packages page, because to be quite honest, you’d be crazy not to.


Jessica Nash

Skin therapists Jessica Nash and Natasha Duarte recommend you have a facial every 28 days, as this is the point where you skin cells turn and therefore, allows you to treat new skin.

And if the hip pocket doesn’t allow for a professional facial on a regular basis, there is no reason why you can’t continue to give yourself a facial at home, once you have acquired the appropriate products for your skin type.

Here are Jessica and Natasha’s top 5 facial tips:

1 . Professional consultation - Before you start treating yourself at home, it is very important to find a qualified skin therapist who really knows how to treat your skin. There are so many reasons why skin can react differently, so it’s important to have a professional identify your skin type and issues. Skin problems can be related to diet and hormones, misuse of product or the wrong products prescribed, just to name a few.

2 . Learn about your skin - your therapist can educate you on what you should be doing and eating for your particular skin type. There are so many contributing factors such as air conditioning (which is not great for dry skin) or hot water (which is not wonderful for sensitive skin) or milk (which can contribute to acne breakout). As your skin is constantly changing, it’s not a bad idea to have a professional provide advice on your progress, particularly if you have problematic skin.

3 . Product prescription - a well-informed therapist will be able to prescribe the appropriate skincare products, so that you keep up your skin care routine at home. If your budget doesn’t allow you regular visits to the therapist, there’s no reason why you can’t keep up the routine at home until your next visit.

4 . Professional products - Professional clinics have access to thousands of dollars of equipment, which really benefit the skin and treat the tissue on a deeper level, making the results more effective than home treatment. There are certain ingredients such as peels that should be observed by a professional that can be time/layer dependent, so it’s best to leave these things to the experts.

5 . Wellbeing and relaxation - everyone is under the pump and it can be hard to find time for yourself - however it’s important to find the time - for you own wellbeing. Try and combine an amazing skin treatment with healing touch therapies and different relaxation processes throughout the treatment. It will leave you feeling amazing and helps reinvigorate the mind, body and soul.

Last but not least, it’s so important to use excellent home skin care. Although there are things your therapist can achieve that you can’t, up to 80% of your results are achieved with your skin care routine at home. If your therapist has just applied and treated your skin with amazing technologies and ingredients, you most definitely want to be continuing their good work at home. So don’t forget to take time out to keep up the routine at home.


Jessica Nash

Recently voted one of Sydney’s top ten beauty therapists, Lady Luxe Beauty is the perfect destination for your luxury pamper session. From facials to deep tissue massages, Lady Luxe proudly uses only the best in organic and luxury products, with treatments suitable for all skin types.

We spoke to Jessica Nash (aka Lady Luxe), sole-founder and principal therapist, to find out just why men and women from all over Sydney continue to flock to her beautifully secluded terrace studio. Working alone, this highly sought after professional offers an intimate, thoughtful and elegant approach to her work, blurring the lines between beauty therapy and mindfulness; to offer you a complete body & mind rejuvenation from every session.

“No two treatments are the same”, says Nash “I personally tailor each session to the unique needs of the client, ensuring that they get the best results, for them”.

While others may see beauty as a stand-alone own entity, Jessica takes a more encompassing approach to treatments and services.

“I always do an in depth holistic consultation,” says Jessica with a reassuring smile, “things like habits, diet, sleeping patterns, product use and other lifestyle choices are important factors that shape a client’s well-being and play a major part in their health and complexion”. These lifestyle factors, play an integral role in her analysis of the individual, with their unique experiences greatly shaping the treatment process. Jessica explains, “I will opt for different products, massage applications and machinery types depending on the individual’s unique requirements”.

What’s more, Jessica has worked tirelessly with her business partner Natasha Duarte to develop a unique skin care range, Vigour Skin Therapy.

By pairing chemistry with organic products, the two have delivered a new and exciting organic skin-care alternative!

“We created the Vigour Skin Therapy range as we felt that there was a lack of synergy between the scientific and the organic” explains Jessica, “as experienced therapists, we knew this would be the perfect pairing.”
The results are in, it’s a match made in skin-care heaven!

You don’t just go into Lady Luxe for a treatment; you go for a complete holistic experience! Exuding warmth, genuine concern, and considerable style, Lady Luxe is a pleasant change from the hustle and bustle of her larger competitors.

Showcasing treatments that combine leading industry techniques with a variety of proven relaxation methods, you’re sure to exit Lady Luxe’s gorgeous in-house studio as a more revitalised and worry-free version of yourself!

“I strive to offer a variety of unique treatments that have been thoughtfully married with world-renowned relaxation methods,” explains Jessica. From Tibetan singing bowls, Chi Qong, pressure point massages and inhalation therapies, Lady Luxe will have you floating through your chosen session. “I find this blend of beauty and wellness incredibly important in the modern age” says Nash “while we try to find time to indulge in health and beauty, we often forget to allocate time to relax!”

Lady Luxe only accepts appointments in advance, so contact her today on 0411 357 162 to secure your unforgettable, holistic beauty experience!


Jessica Nash

We spoke with co-founder of Vigour Skin Therapy, Jessica Nash about the secret to getting a glowing complexion before big events.

When it comes to preparing for red carpet events, there are a few things we know are musts for celebrities. We know they need to enlist the help of an A-class stylist to help choose an outfit. We know they need a quality beauty team to get their hair and make-up on point. And we know they need their skin in prime condition. 

We spoke to Jessica Nash, who founded Vigour Skin Therapy along with Natasha Durate, the day before the ARIA Awards kicked off to hear how the heck celeb's get their skin looking so damn good. 

Her first point: ARIA skin prep doesn’t start the day before the event. “It started a week ago,” she laughed. 

The first major step in getting your skin looking its absolute best is a simple one. You need to up your water intake. Nash suggested drinking at least two litres, three if you can, in the lead up to to a big event. 

“Out of all your vital organs, your skin is the least ‘vital’, so it gets the least water”, she explained. By increasing the amount of water you drink, you provide a bigger serve to be shared between your organs, including your skin.

Drinking the right amount of water helps your skin to “become clean, clear and plump,” Nash said. It also helps to “flush out all the pollution” and toxins that build up in your system. The beauty expert also suggested adding extra vitamins to your H20 by dropping in a few slices of lemon or blueberries. 

The second step is regular exfoliation (once or twice a week) to smooth the canvas. The key with this, however, is making sure you’re using the right product. Many exfoliants are too rough for the skin. “We used bamboo powder, because micro-beads are disgusting for the environment,” Nash explained. 

What you’re aiming for with this step is gentle, but effective exfoliation… Not scratching and tearing, [but] buffering and polishing. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and helps minimise breakouts in the skin. 

The next step is to load the skin with vitamins and minerals. Using products that are packed with natural vitamins and minerals, rather than those that are filled with synthetic nasties like colouring and perfumes, is the perfect way to do this. 

As Nash puts it, use fresh, natural skincare products to, “turbo charge your skin’s natural processes”. Organic elements such as aloe gel, jojoba oil and shea oil are your skin’s best friends, to put it simply. 


Jessica Nash
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Four steps to make it happen

The weather is warming up which pleases us no end. Our skin, however, not so much. You see, for a wide raft of us spring means skin that's scratchy at best and rough and dry at worst. A change of season also often brings a propensity towards flushing and even breakouts. The good news is all of that can be tackled and with just a few small tweaks to your regular skincare routine.

Skincare therapists Jessica Nash and Natasha Duarte, co-founders of the natural skincare range Vigour Skin Therapy, recommend you implement the following four steps and quick sticks. After all, there's a beach towel out there with your name on it and you don't want shady skin to ruin your good time.


During the warmer months oil and sweat glands go into overdrive which can result in pesky breakouts and blackheads. Getting into a great cleansing routine will help to create a clean and clear summer skin. That means cleansing morning and night (perhaps even double cleansing if you've been wearing long-last or waterproof makeup of any kind) plus a non-manual exfoliant (such as a BHA or an AHA) every two days.


The sun is lovely but it speeds up collagen breakdown and causes pigmentation which damages our skin. Sun exposure also puts us at risk of melanoma and skin cancer. Given that, sunblock is a must. To avoid sensitising your skin, blocking your pores or feeling greasy we suggest you skip the mineral oil. This ingredient doesn’t allow the skin to breath and builds up in the pore contributing to breakouts. Glowing, fresh and lovely. Yes you can. Image: Instagram/@gisele

Cleanse again

When the weather warms up many of us return to, or at least up, our workout routine. That's great but it does mean increased perspiration. Working up a sweat is awesome for the body (and the soul) but it can make cleansing completely a little more difficult. Our advice, cleanse skin fully before exercising and then again afterwards. This will remove makeup allowing skin to breathe and also reduce sebum production.


Boost hydration topically and instantaneously by using a quality serum underneath your moisturiser. We recommend you do this both day and night. There's a lot of confusion about serums and what they do. The simplest way to explain the purpose of a serum is like this ... serum is a fertiliser delivering nutrients deep into the tissue of your skin while moisturiser is akin to watering the garden in that it binds water to the skin to keep it hydrated.


Jessica Nash