Intuitive Facial

Duration 120 mins

$225 + GST


This facial is completely tailored to your skin needs - starting with an extensive consultation to examine your skin type to create a unique treatment strategy for your skin combining the use of skin technology and ingredients for each individual.

Followed by a sensory journey using crystals and botanical solutions personalised to you. Touch therapies are applied throughout the entire treatment to keep you in a full state of relaxation.

Oxygen Facial

duration 70 mins

$155 + GST

We always keep the individuality of your skin top of mind and we choose one of eight serums to use alongside the hyperbaric Oxygen pressure technology - this makes the effects long lasting to benefit your overall wellbeing. The oxygen instantly plumps, calms and brightens your skin, leaving you glowing and youthful. This treatment is suitable for all skins types especially those with very sensitive skin.


duration 70 mins

$155 + GST

Using a combination of air pressures and micro crystals which circulate through a small nozzle to polish the skin's surface. Not only providing the skin with a deep cleanse but also stimulating your skin’s natural exfoliation process. It aids in reducing fine lines, scarring and skin congestion - making you feel bright and polished before a special occasion.

Skin Needling

duration 60 mins

$325 + GST

Skin needling, is one of the more intensive treatments in our Studio to significantly reduce redness, improve moderate to fine lines and scarring and improve the overall texture and firmness of the skin. Post topical numbing, small perforations are made through disposable micro needles either with a roller or dermal stamp - delivering the ultimate level of hydration and anti-ageing serums deep into the skin. The results from a single treatment can continue for up to two years.


Book an appointment and enjoy a luscious pampering.


Low Intensity Peel

duration 70 mins

$125 + GST

If you have never experienced a peel before the Low Intensity peel is perfect for your first treatment. Enzymes and gentle acids assist in deeply cleansing and minimising your pores, brightening your complexion and refining the appearance of dehydration and fine lines. Perfect before a special occasion.

High Intensity Peel

duration 70 mins

$220 + GST

With this High Intensity peel - the skin is closely monitored and matched to high intensity acids such as AHAS, BHAS and TCAS. We use these acids to saturate deep into the skin tissue creating true change that is not only surface deep. Used to intensify the effects of anti-ageing, drastically minimise pores and assist in the brightening and evening of skin pigmentation.

LED Light Therapy

duration 30 mins

$65 + GST

If you’re after a treatment that will give you that wow-factor skin pouring with radiance, the LED light therapy works at a cellular level (especially great to fight active acne and rosacea). It’s non-invasive, super soothing, and deep penetrating to target cells and as a result heightening internal skin functions, such as dermal blood flow, and promotes faster healing so your skin looks everlastingly rejuvenated.


Book an appointment and enjoy a luscious pampering.


Brow Shaping Restyle

duration 40 mins

$40 + GST

Your eyes are the windows to your soul and all beautiful windows deserve spectacular framing. Brow shaping and redesign will open up the eyes to enhance your natural facial features to their upmost potential. You’ll be more confident when you see your natural beauty radiate everyday. And we include a little scalp massage.

Brow Tidy

duration 20 mins

$20 + GST

Get your brow game touched and tidied up on your lunch break so you can feel brand new again. A little bit of hair removal goes a long way, and besides, you deserve it.

Brow Tint

duration 10 mins

$15 + GST

Add some colour to your brows to enhance their volume and shape. A nice little treatment when we don’t have time to do the whole shamozzle. And it will save you having to draw them in every morning for up to 6 weeks.

Lash Tint

duration 20 mins

$20 + GST

How good is it when you don’t need to worry about water proof mascara washing out at that pool/beach event. Or on those rainy days. Or even when you just want sultry eyes with dashing lashes without the heavy mascara feeling. Enhance those babies with our lash tint treatment.

Lip Wax

duration 10 mins

$10 + GST

We are gentle and hygienic. And we wont let you leave with a red moustache.

Chin Wax

duration 10 mins

$10 + GST

Get rid of all those unnecessary little fluffies off your chin, and get on with your day. Gentle and hygienic especially to sensitive skin.


Book an appointment and you can schedule weekly visits in advance.




45 Minute Body Wax

duration 45 mins

$55 + GST


All our waxing treatments are carried out with the utmost care, hygiene and modesty. We use only high quality waxes to ensure we are considerate to all skin types depending on area and level of sensitivity.

We have created three different wax treatments tailored to different individuals.

60 Minute Body Wax

duration 60 mins

$85 + GST

Depending on the level of care and attention you require, we can wax all parts of the body.

90 Minute Body Wax

duration 90 mins

$120 + GST

Depending on the level of care and attention you require, we can wax all parts of the body.


Because darling, you deserve to feel beautiful.