Recently voted one of Sydney’s top ten beauty therapists, Lady Luxe Beauty is the perfect destination for your luxury pamper session. From facials to deep tissue massages, Lady Luxe proudly uses only the best in organic and luxury products, with treatments suitable for all skin types.

We spoke to Jessica Nash (aka Lady Luxe), sole-founder and principal therapist, to find out just why men and women from all over Sydney continue to flock to her beautifully secluded terrace studio. Working alone, this highly sought after professional offers an intimate, thoughtful and elegant approach to her work, blurring the lines between beauty therapy and mindfulness; to offer you a complete body & mind rejuvenation from every session.

“No two treatments are the same”, says Nash “I personally tailor each session to the unique needs of the client, ensuring that they get the best results, for them”.

While others may see beauty as a stand-alone own entity, Jessica takes a more encompassing approach to treatments and services.

“I always do an in depth holistic consultation,” says Jessica with a reassuring smile, “things like habits, diet, sleeping patterns, product use and other lifestyle choices are important factors that shape a client’s well-being and play a major part in their health and complexion”. These lifestyle factors, play an integral role in her analysis of the individual, with their unique experiences greatly shaping the treatment process. Jessica explains, “I will opt for different products, massage applications and machinery types depending on the individual’s unique requirements”.

What’s more, Jessica has worked tirelessly with her business partner Natasha Duarte to develop a unique skin care range, Vigour Skin Therapy.

By pairing chemistry with organic products, the two have delivered a new and exciting organic skin-care alternative!

“We created the Vigour Skin Therapy range as we felt that there was a lack of synergy between the scientific and the organic” explains Jessica, “as experienced therapists, we knew this would be the perfect pairing.”
The results are in, it’s a match made in skin-care heaven!

You don’t just go into Lady Luxe for a treatment; you go for a complete holistic experience! Exuding warmth, genuine concern, and considerable style, Lady Luxe is a pleasant change from the hustle and bustle of her larger competitors.

Showcasing treatments that combine leading industry techniques with a variety of proven relaxation methods, you’re sure to exit Lady Luxe’s gorgeous in-house studio as a more revitalised and worry-free version of yourself!

“I strive to offer a variety of unique treatments that have been thoughtfully married with world-renowned relaxation methods,” explains Jessica. From Tibetan singing bowls, Chi Qong, pressure point massages and inhalation therapies, Lady Luxe will have you floating through your chosen session. “I find this blend of beauty and wellness incredibly important in the modern age” says Nash “while we try to find time to indulge in health and beauty, we often forget to allocate time to relax!”

Lady Luxe only accepts appointments in advance, so contact her today on 0411 357 162 to secure your unforgettable, holistic beauty experience!


Jessica Nash