“My skin feels amazing today. It’s looking so hydrated and clear too! xx”

emily moller, 25



“My face is so plump and lovely! Thank you so much. Makeup is sitting like a dream.”

Nat herenda, 33



“Thank you so much for the facial today - I’m feeling truly radiant and pampered”




“I explained what issues I’m having with my almost 30 y.o skin and after 2 oxygen Microderm treatments, I have the results I never thought possible - you’re a miracle worker - Thank you SO much”

louise rose-ann, 29



“You’re the best therapist money can buy - amazing experience and can’t wait for the next. Everyone has commented how fresh faced I look and it’s all because of you - beauty genius and massages second to none.”

bianca matthews, 45



“Up until 2 weeks ago, my skin was dull, congested and I felt self-conscious - one of my kids in my class asked ‘why do you have a rash on your skin?’ After your miracle work, you not only had me glowing on the outside, but on the inside too! I couldn’t recommend you more.”

Adrienne rose, 33



Thank you so much for a wonderful facial this evening, it was so tranquil and I was able to just switch off and relax. You have the hands of an angel - my skin has never looked or felt better. Can’t wait to come back.

claude morris, 36