We spoke with co-founder of Vigour Skin Therapy, Jessica Nash about the secret to getting a glowing complexion before big events.

When it comes to preparing for red carpet events, there are a few things we know are musts for celebrities. We know they need to enlist the help of an A-class stylist to help choose an outfit. We know they need a quality beauty team to get their hair and make-up on point. And we know they need their skin in prime condition. 

We spoke to Jessica Nash, who founded Vigour Skin Therapy along with Natasha Durate, the day before the ARIA Awards kicked off to hear how the heck celeb's get their skin looking so damn good. 

Her first point: ARIA skin prep doesn’t start the day before the event. “It started a week ago,” she laughed. 

The first major step in getting your skin looking its absolute best is a simple one. You need to up your water intake. Nash suggested drinking at least two litres, three if you can, in the lead up to to a big event. 

“Out of all your vital organs, your skin is the least ‘vital’, so it gets the least water”, she explained. By increasing the amount of water you drink, you provide a bigger serve to be shared between your organs, including your skin.

Drinking the right amount of water helps your skin to “become clean, clear and plump,” Nash said. It also helps to “flush out all the pollution” and toxins that build up in your system. The beauty expert also suggested adding extra vitamins to your H20 by dropping in a few slices of lemon or blueberries. 

The second step is regular exfoliation (once or twice a week) to smooth the canvas. The key with this, however, is making sure you’re using the right product. Many exfoliants are too rough for the skin. “We used bamboo powder, because micro-beads are disgusting for the environment,” Nash explained. 

What you’re aiming for with this step is gentle, but effective exfoliation… Not scratching and tearing, [but] buffering and polishing. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and helps minimise breakouts in the skin. 

The next step is to load the skin with vitamins and minerals. Using products that are packed with natural vitamins and minerals, rather than those that are filled with synthetic nasties like colouring and perfumes, is the perfect way to do this. 

As Nash puts it, use fresh, natural skincare products to, “turbo charge your skin’s natural processes”. Organic elements such as aloe gel, jojoba oil and shea oil are your skin’s best friends, to put it simply. 


Jessica Nash