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Because not everyone is the same.


“Beauty has so many forms. The most beautiful thing anyone can have is confidence and self-love - being the best version of ourselves, always respecting the temple we live in”.


Jessica Nash - Founder of Lady Luxe Beauty


Sometimes we are so frantically busy with life and our goals, we forget to take care of us. Our skin, our diet. We always want the quick fixes. I spent a lot of time tailoring my treatments because not one person’s skin will ever be like another. What I started to notice, is that people targeted their problems superficially. My approach is holistic. Our skin is our outer layer that tells a story about how we treat ourselves. I like to take my treatments to another energetic level using touch therapies, sound therapies and crystal placements - it’s important to me my clients leave feeling radiant and revived.

I not only like to think of my treatments starting once you step foot into my studio - but I want people to feel like my treatments continue into their homes with products I have created, a synergy of scientific and organic ingredients in combination with take home skin advice.