My post treatment advice never stops at products. Combating skin conditions from the inside as well as the outside is always the most successful and speedy option to achieve results with your skin, not to mention your overall well being and health.

In this uber busy day and age with convenient meal options lining the super market shelves, a lot of us can unintentionally leave things out of the diet that dramatically affect the skin. There are symptoms to prove it.

Vitamin A: The first of the Vitamins discovered (hence Vitamin 'A'), imperative for healthy vision, without healthy levels of this Vitamin within the body, it can lead to hyperkeratosis which looks like a little white lump at the base of the hair follicle A.K.A. folliculitis or those little rough bumpy/pimply things that can appear on the back of your arms, cheeks, thighs and buttocks. Vitamin A deficiency also leads to the malabsorption of anti-oxidants and lipids which are essential fats that lubricate and anti-age the skin. If the skin is dry and flaky, this is also an indication of a Vitamin A deficiency.

Vitamin A rich foods - Tuna, Red capsicum, rock melon, sweet potato, butternut pumpkin, dried apricots, mangoes and carrots.

Vitamin B's: Water soluble, this Vitamin is not easily absorbed naturally into the body. Can lead to extremely dry and peeling lips, cracked corners of the mouth that seem to last forever and blotchy, reddened skin predominantly on the cheeks. Vitamin B's are the main vitamins to promote healthy hair.

Vitamin B rich foods: Mushrooms, eggs, shellfish, raspberries, bananas, soy beans, nuts and cauliflower

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is needed to help the body absorb iron which is really important for women. Low iron levels can add to dark circles under the eyes. Vitamin C also helps to stimulate the body's collagen and elastin production - who doesn't want to promote that? Without Vitamin C, you can experience skin rashes, impaired wound healing and gingivitis.

Vitamin C rich foods: Broccoli, all citrus fruits, tomatoes, peas, papaya, kiwi fruit, dark green leafy veg and berries.

Vitamin D: The funny thing about Vitamin D is, you can absorb it from the sun, but the darker your skin is, the more likely you are to have this deficiency. If you don't have enough vitamin D, it can make you extra sensitive to UV rays and sun burn. A vitamin D deficiency can also leave you feeling extremely depleted of energy.

Vitamin D rich foods: Fish and eggs - but that alone is not enough. The sun is the best source of vitamin D!

Things you need to know about vitamins and deficiencies:

The overall symptom of vitamin deficiency seems to be fatigue.

One certain Vitamin deficiency can imbalance the other vitamin levels within the body and ultimately lead to further vitamin deficiencies.

Vitamin supplements (tablets) absorb into the body more successfully if you are getting it from your diet foods in your diet.

The best overall way to get enough Vitamins in your diet is to eat healthily and spend a sensibly amount of time doing out door activities.


Jessica Nash