I am all about the skin usually but after thinking I would never have strong nails and now having my nails grow so fast and strong i actually have to cut them (before they break off!) i thought i would share what it has taken me a few years to work out

At the risk of sounding like a broken record... DIET. When i am concentrating especially hard on trying to have strong nails I always find myself eating a lot of almonds which, along side avocado and salmon and the likes are a great source of essencial fatty acids making sure the plates of the nail do not peel away from each other causing that flakiness at the top.

Believe it or not... BEER! Beer is one of the richest sources of a trace mineral called silicone which is imperative to the synthesis of keratin reducing nail brittleness. It is believed that a single serving of beer contains more that 10 milligrams of silicone. Bring it on I say ;)

Oysters... ok i swear i'm not trying to start my own party season but believe it or not these bad boys are rich in zinc which are responsible for making the proteins which in turn create your nails.

Cheat... There is nothing wrong with getting a little extra help when needed. has been an amazing booster for me. Usually I am one to shy away from artificial help however I have really noticed the difference in a matter of weeks.

Keep em' polished. If you don't want to bight your nails or tear off those little fraying bits from the sides? Keep them filed and polished. Preferably with a nail hardener keeps the weakest of nails from peeling and breaking so they can grow longer and stronger. Keeping the sides filed slightly rounded will keep the edges from catching so as not to tear the edges. You can still create the desired shape be it round or square but just keep the very edge rounded off. 

AND keep it neutral. If you are thinking of keeping them painted. Keep it neutral as to not draw attention to any chips like a darker polish would.

The bonus - By focusing on having stronger, faster growing nails you will also have stronger, faster growing hair considering it is made out of the same stuff.


tricia tan