What causes ageing and how do we avoid it...

The first and most important thing about ageing is: It doesn't have to be bad. You can grow old (bugger gracefully) beautifully. I think the more we embrace the absolute inevitable, A) it helps to combat one of the main causes of ageing - STRESS - but B) also helps us to work on the condition in which we do grow old. Ageing might be inevitable but the rate in which we age, is not.

Sun damage: UV Rays are known to be responsible for 80% of our ageing. Studies show, the repeated exposure of UV rays, causes the break down of collagen and inhibits the production of new collagen. It over stimulates pigment producing melanocytes that cause sun spots and uneven skin tone.

Smoking: As if you needed another reason to quit BUT! Smoking does indeed age the skin more rapidly. Smoking narrows the blood vessels to the outermost layers of the skin. It also inhibits nutrients such as Vitamin A and oxygen flow getting to the dermis which is where the wrinkles appear in the skin. There are over 4000 chemicals in cigarettes that also breakdown the collagen and elastine in the skin.

Stress: Telomeres are like a little tip on the end of our cellular DNA (like the plastic tip on a shoelace) stopping it from fraying and ultimately breaking down (causing the skin to appear aged). The more stressed out you are, the more likely you are to damage and ultimately breakdown the Telomeres holding each DNA strand together. The good news about this process is, once the stress is removed they seem to come back  BUT! Sometimes you actually can't remove the stress so learning to deal with the stress is sometimes more effective. Physical activity also help to disburse stress causing hormones and eliminate them.

Unhealth: Your body is a temple....... is quite a boring statement. Although, there are much more antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in healthy, fresh food than there is in over processed packaged food full of preservatives and chemicals which actually hinder and break down all the good healthy cells your body naturally produce. It's a no-brainer that you are going to appear younger if you keep yourself hydrated, which will plump the skin and fill the skin with nutrient rich food promoting healthy cell renewal.

Genetics: To me, the least important of all the factors. Reason being, I see clients all the time with the beginnings of genetic downfalls from family lines all the time. With the use of good skin care and a healthy diet, an obstacle easily overcome. On the other hand, if your mum looked like she's 40 when she is into her 70's, chances are you have hit the genetic jackpot - LUCKY YOU!

Afew tips on how to grow old beautifully...

Learn to deal with stress in a healthy manor

Exercise regularly and stay active 

Enjoy a healthy diet

Use sun protection

Use good quality chemical free skin care that has been specifically prescribed for you - including regular exfoliation

Regular salon professional intensive treatments

Drink lots of water









Why exfoliating leads to a flawless complexion

A lot of the time people come to me with their skin care concerns, I find the main culprit of the conditions that are occurring on the skin is lack of exfoliation. People feel, if they are cleansing and moisturising, this is enough and although I commend you on your skin care efforts - It's not.... (but it IS still much better than nothing!). Educating your self as a skin care user gives you the choice to know what's good for skin intead of someone else telling you. I hope this little piece helps you make informed decisions when it comes to your most noticeable organ!

If you hop on an escalator, by the time you've reached the next level, you've inhaled the person infront of you's entire bodily surface... Delicious right? I put that little fun fact in to let you know that your skin cells are always dying and trying to shed off to make room for the next cells being pushed up.The thing about the face is, there are more oil glands per centimeter than the rest of the body producing oils and sticking the dead skin down to the face, clogging the pores and also acting as a barrier stopping your beautiful active serums and moisturisers from absorbing into the fresh healthy, live tissue that they are meant for. Here are some reasons why exfoliating (in some form) is imperative in any and EVERY skin care regime...

Helps clear breakouts, black heads and acne by unclogging the caps of dead skin cells blocking up and clogging the pores. If you imagine your skin like the surface of a sea sponge, all those little holes need to be unblocked so your oil and sweat being produced on a regular basis can flow freely out onto the surface instead of collecting in the pore causing it to fill up with no out let - aka A PIMPLE!

Aids in serum and moisturiser absorption. We tend to invest most of our money when we spend on skin care in our serums and moisturisers hoping for them to do most of the anti-ageing right? But how are they going to penetrate as deeply as they should if they are being hindered by a barrier of dead skin? If we remove that "mask" of dead skin cells, your skin care will treat the live cells optimizing penetration of active ingredients.

Smooths the skin's surface reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by removing the dry dead dull cells stuck on the surface making the skin appear lack luster, older, uneven and more dehydrated. Once these cells are removed via exfoliation it reveals the fresh healthy bright, smooth tissue underneath.

Its anit-ageing. By assisting in all of the above, exfoliating makes the skin appear much more youthful. Not only does it "appear" more youthful but exfoliating cultivates and speeds up the skin's natural regeneration (cellular turnover). The slow down of this process is one of the major causes of ageing. By regularly exfoliating, you help to thin the top layers of the epi-dermis (where wrinkles and lines reside) and assist in cultivating a thicker dermis which houses the collagen, elastin and hydration within the skin. Collagen and elastin act as the skin's scaffolding holding it up and firming the skin making it appear more youthful and plumped.

Depending on the strength of your exfoliant it should be done at least once a week to achieve the best results. Always use as directed. Always use in combination with a cleanser and moisturiser - at least. Regular exfoliation can lead to a bit of sensitivity to UV so make sure you are always wearing sun protection of some form. Enjoy softer, younger, brighter, smoother skin :).

Lady Luxe exfoliants of choice

Vigor skin renewal gel: This amazing product uses lactic and salicylic acid to smooth the skin's surface and unclog the pores. Vitamin A also helps to smooth and anti-age the skin. It is suspended in organic aloe vera gel and uses a combination of calming essential oils to hydrate the skin whilst it is being renewed. Bamboo powder helps to slough off the dead skin cells after the acids have gone to work. An amazing hybrid between an ezymatic and mechanical exfoliation making sure there is not an ounce of dead skin left!


Frankbody: Let's be frank.... this product is great value for money. It uses coffee seed powder, sea salts, brown sugar, cocoa powder and other nut and essential oils specific to your concerns assisting in detoxification and stimulation also aiding in the reduction of varicose veins, cellulite and stretch marks. Smells amazing... I almost ate it!


Nimue exfoliating enzymes: This product uses pinapple, papaya and orange enymes to help break down dead skin the way our stomach acids break down food. The enzymes can be used on most skins.