All facial treatments are individually tailored to your specific skin care needs and are discussed upon booking your appointment. All the skin treatments include indulgent touches and massage components.

Collagen Induction Therapy

CIT also known as skin needling, is one of the more intensive treatments in the Lady Luxe Studio helping to reduce redness, improve moderate to fine lines and scarring and improve the overall texture and firmness of the skin. Post topical numbing, small perforations are made through disposable micro needles either with a roller or dermal stamp, delivering the ultimate in hydrating and antiageing serums deep into the skin. The results from a single treatment can continue for up to two years.

 A single treatment              $365    75 mins                            Three treatment course     $925

Oxygen treatments

With your individual skin in mind, we choose one of eight serums to use alongside the hyperbaric Oxygen pressure technology, this makes the facial effects last longer and benefit your overall wellbeing. The oxygen instantly plumps, calms and brightens your skin, leaving only your glowing, youthful skin for others to be jealous of. This treatment can be applied to even the most sensitive of skins.

A single treatment               $135     75 mins
Six treatment course           $675  ( Buy five get sixth free for best results)

Dermabrasion treatment

This treatment uses a combination of air pressures and micro crystals which circulate through a small nozzle to polish the skin's surface. This not only cleanses the skin but also stimulates your skin’s natural exfoliation properties. It helps reduce fine lines, scarring and congestion in the skin and makes you feel bright and polished before a special occasion!

Single treatment                $135     75 mins
Six treatment course         $675 ( Buy five get sixth free for best results)

Microxygen treatment

The Microxygen treatment combines the deep cleansing of the skin renewing Dermabrasion with the energising and plumping serum of the Oxygen infusion into one truly energising session. Your skin will be radiating light and glowing from the inside and out. 

Single treatment                $185     90 mins
Six treatment course         $925 ( Buy five get sixth free for best results)

Luxe De Luxe Facial

If you like your facials classical the Luxe De Luxe captures that spirit and aims to relax as well as revitalise. After a skin consultation with your therapist, we’ll give your skin a deep cleanse, using only organic aromatic products. While you’re relaxing in a personalised mask, you’ll have nothing left to do but relax and enjoy your massage with hand pressed serums for the ultimate in rehydration.

Single treatment                  $99     60 mins

Six treatment course           $496 ( Buy five get sixth free for best results)

Treatment Boosters            15 - 30 mins

Collagen Infusion                 $35                                                 Collagen Eye treatment       $25

Collagen Lip treatment        $25                                                Chi quong serum infusion   $25

Second oxygen infusion      $20